CS Grupetto

We are a little bit different to most clubs in that we\'re primarily a group of friends who socialise off the bike, but we happen to share a common interest in cycling and cyclesport. We are based in Putney and have regular weekend rides out to Windsor and the Surrey Hills, as well as occasional trips elsewhere.

We have a wide variety of cycling interests amongst club members, from track riding to road racing, and sportives to bike polo. Several of our members have their race licences, and we\'re represented in every category including Elite

We regularly travel further afield to enjoy some of the classic races – this year quite a few of us have ridden the Tour of Flanders and Paris Roubaix sportives, and then watched the pros follow our tyre tracks. We also try and get to see the Ghent and Berlin six day track events.

At the core of the club ethos is a desire to enjoy good rides with good friends.


Track Racing

illy racing at the CS Grupetto Open Meeting at Herne Hill

From rail warmers to moped chasers, we participate in lots of different track disciplines.

We regularly ride at Herne Hill and Newport velodromes and are proud to sponsor one of the open meets at Herene Hill.

If you want to take it a bit further then you can have a crack at the Masters Track Championship (nice one Dave!), or get involved at the open meets.

There’s a wealth of knowledge and experience, so if you want to start racing ask one of our resident board-bashers.

Wayne can help you sort out your race license, and Rob Hoops does a great job as our track secretary and would be happy to answer any questions about racing at Herne Hill.